Daily announcements are made to apprise students of important school-related information. Distribution of advertisements, posters, and party announcements is prohibited on campus.



On assembly days, students are to report to the gym promptly at dismissal. Most assemblies are not mandatory; however, students must leave campus if they do not wish to attend. Students attending an assembly must remain until the program ends. NO SMALL CHILDREN OR BABIES WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE ASSEMBLIES. Students who ride the school buses will be required to attend the assemblies.



Bus service is provided for students who live three or more miles away from the school. If you are unsure of which bus to ride, call the CCSD Transportation Department (799-8111). Students are expected to behave in an orderly manner at all times. Drivers will issue citations for minor violations. Students who do not cooperate with drivers will be denied the privilege of riding the school bus.



LVHS is a closed campus. Students will NOT be permitted to leave campus or go to any of the parking lots during school hours. Seniors with a shortened schedule will receive a permit to leave campus at the end of their instructional day.


Instructional time will not be interrupted for the delivery of messages to students unless there is an emergency. A message to a student involves class disruption, use of clerical time, and is a possible violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). There is no way to verify the legal parent/guardian from a telephone call. Emergency messages will not be accepted from anyone other than a parent/guardian. If an emergency situation arises, parents/ guardians must come to school to deliver the message in person to provide identification. Only the parent/guardian listed on the permanent school record (CCF-703) will be permitted to have contact with a student. Items such as lunch, flowers, gifts, balloons, money, etc. will also not be delivered to students.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides confidentiality of students’ records. No one may be allowed access to a student’s records without the written and verified permission of a parent or legal guardian.



All student fines should be paid prior to registration for the following year or graduation (if a senior). Seniors will not be issued caps and gowns if they have outstanding fines. Students failing to take care of their obligations will experience delays in registration.



Fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis. Fire drill route maps are posted in each room. When the fire alarm sounds, follow these routes quickly and quietly leaving the school building and remaining at least 30 feet away until the signal has been given that it is safe to return to the building.



All students must have a hall/corridor pass if they are in the hallways during instructional time. Students in the hall without a pass will be subject to disciplinary action.



A full-time health aide is on duty in the health office and a certified school nurse is available on a regular basis. A student who becomes ill must obtain a pass from the teacher and then report to the health office. The health aide does not supply any form of medication. If medication (prescription or nonprescription) is needed during school hours, the student must obtain a medication release form from the health aide. This form must be completed by the parent/guardian and returned with the medication. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES should contact the school nurse at 799-0180 ext. 4020 to obtain further information concerning the availability of health services. Leaving school from the health office is not an excused absence.



Students may visit the library during class time with a pass from their instructor. The library is open for student use without passes thirty minutes before school, after school, and during both lunches.



Lockers will be issued at the beginning of the school year. Things to remember regarding lockers:

Lockers should be kept neat and clean on the outside as well as the inside. Do not write on or deface the lockers.

The school assumes no responsibility for items lost or stolen from either regular book lockers or PE lockers.

Lockers remain the property of the school and school authorities have the right to examine the contents of lockers for reasons of health, safety, and security. There is no expectation of privacy.



Lost and found is located in the attendance office.



After any approved absence, the student must contact the teacher(s) to obtain makeup work within three (3) school days following the absence. Review each course’s course expectations for an individual teacher’s makeup procedures.



Student parking is available on the south side of the school off Sahara Avenue. Students who wish to park on campus will be required to obtain a parking permit. To register to park on campus, students will be required to show the school police officer his/her driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Once the parking permit paperwork has been completed, the police officer will issue the student a LVHS parking sticker. The school will not be responsible for damage or vandalism done to cars in the parking lot. Students are not permitted to park in faculty or visitor parking areas.



Students are not to leave school for any reason without a passport. Passports for appointments, illness, or any justifiable reason may be obtained with parental permission in the attendance or nurse’s office. Students who choose to leave campus without appropriate approval will be designated as being truant.



With the breathtaking pace of technology comes unanticipated consequences that can negatively impact the learning environment such as cheating, ringing/text messaging distractions during instruction time, and investigating thefts to name a few. Of greater concern is the use of the cell phone that compromises the safety of the students. Nationwide incidents include setting up fights and their location, threats/harassment, and impeding emergency efforts through rumors and incorrect information.

To address these issues, the Clark County School District wishes to remind parent/guardians of the following guidelines:

  1. Phones must be turned off and remain off during the instructional day and passing periods in compliance with CCSD Policy 5136. Phones left on vibrate/silent modes are subject to seizure.

  2. Cellular phones may only be used prior to the first bell, after the final bell, or during scheduled nutrition breaks or lunch periods.

  3. Cellular phones should be stored in a non-visible location (backpacks, purses, pockets).

  4. Phones confiscated in violation of these guidelines will only be returned to a parent/guardian during non-instructional hours.

  5. Cellular phones must remain off during a school evacuation, lockdown, or drill. During these situations, students are NOT to try to contact their parent/guardian by cell phone until given permission by school staff. This allows emergency communication channels to remain open. The ParentLINK communication system has the capability of contacting parents/guardians in an emergency.


Students found in violation of these guidelines will have their cell phone confiscated and will only be returned to parents or legal guardians. The school will not be held responsible if they are lost or stolen.



Items that are disruptive to the educational environment such as electronic games, laser pointers, radios, tape recorders, iPods, MP3 players, or any other electronic devices or items are not permitted on campus. These items will be confiscated and will only be returned to parents or legal guardians. The school will not be held responsible if they are lost or stolen.



The school bank is located on the first floor of the administration building and is open for students thirty minutes before and after school as well as during both lunches. The bank takes care of all school fees, fines, and student funds. Las Vegas High School no longer accepts checks. All transactions must be done with cash or money orders or credit card. Fees, etc. may also be paid online at



The school cannot assume the responsibility for accidental injury; therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in the available school insurance program. The necessary forms can be obtained during registration. Insurance or an insurance waiver is mandatory for all students who plan to participate in the athletic program at Las Vegas High School.



Shelter-in-place is an alternative method used to protect students and staff during an emergency when a timely means of evacuation is not possible for a variety of reasons. This drill is monitored by the fire department at various times during the school year.



Textbooks are provided for student use free of charge. All library books and textbooks remain the property of the school. Students will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged books. The cost of a lost or stolen book must be paid at the school bank before another book is issued.



Student valuables, jewelry, or large amounts of money are not to be brought to school. The school assumes no responsibility for the loss or theft of such items.



Parents/guardians are always welcome at Las Vegas High School. However, parents must check in at the principal’s office with proper identification before entering a classroom. If a parent wishes a conference with a teacher, he/she should contact the counselors’ secretary for an appointment. Preschool, school-aged children, former students, and friends will not be permitted to visit during the regular school day.