Las Vegas High School is the namesake of Clark County School District. The school was first founded in 1902, but it was called Clark County School.  It was in 1911 that the school was renamed to Las Vegas High School and in 1993 the school moved to its current location at 6500 E. Sahara Avenue.  We have a strong relationship with our alumni association and continue to keep the original pride and traditions alive, while starting new ones!




History of Sir Herk (“The Bone”)

The oldest tradition in Nevada High School football is the rivalry between Rancho High School Rams and the Las Vegas High School Wildcats.   The annual game is played for “Sir Herkimer’s Bone” also known as “Sir Herk.” The tradition began in 1957.


The “Bone” is actually a large cow bone proposed by the Rancho Letterman’s Club as the annual trophy for the Rancho-Las Vegas football game.  The father of a Rancho player owned a butcher shop and several members of the Letterman’s Club went to the butcher shop, got the bone and boiled it in water for a full day.  One end of the bone fell off during boiling, so they glued it back on and one of the guys painted it silver to hide the crack.  Since then, it has been preserved in bronze.  The first “Bone” game ended in a 13-13 tie. Each school agreed to keep “The Bone” for one semester; however, some Rancho students stole “The Bone” from Las Vegas during the semester they were supposed to keep it.  Since then it has been agreed that the “Bone” trophy is kept by the winning school for one year.


The Wildcats have kept the "Bone Home" 24 straight years!

Overall Record

Wildcats 38 wins  25 losses  1 tie




In 2008, two basketball players came forward and wanted to start a tradition for the basketball program.  Due to our ongoing competition with Valley High School and the fact that our current coach had come to us from Valley, they determined that we would begin a "RED V" game.  Since 2009, this game has been held on the court of the team that currently has the "RED V" trophy.


Wildcats: 6 wins and 2 losses


Nestling near the golden foothills,

‘Neath the western sky,

Rests the jewel of the desert,

Dear Las Vegas High.

Sing her praises ever louder,

Echoing back and back.

Hail to thee, dear Alma Mater,

Valiant Red and Black.




We’re all from Las Vegas and very proud to be,

We hope you will let us show you our loyalty.

So fight team, remember, we never will say die,

So fight team, remember, we’re from Vegas High.

Las Vegas Wildcats, ROAR!

Las Vegas High School will develop the minds of the students so they can achieve their desired future goals.

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