• A student must be currently enrolled in at least four (4) classes, earning a minimum of two (2) units of credit.

    • For a student enrolled in 6 classes, this is equal to failing no more than 2 of those classes.

  • A student must have passed two (2) units of credit during the previous semester.

  • A student must have maintained a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) during the previous semester using a 4.0 grading system.

    • For a fall sport, previous semester refers to the final report card of the prior school year.

    • For a winter sport, previous semester refers to the final report card of the prior school year.

    • For a spring sport, previous semester refers to the 1st semester report card of the current school year.

  • Students who fail to attain a 2.0 GPA during the previous semester will be declared ineligible for the first nine-week grading period.

    • Participation following this academic ineligibility is at the full discretion of that sport's coaching staff

  • All incoming ninth graders (freshmen) are deemed eligible until the first eligibility check of the fall sports season.



  • Students involved in extracurricular activities must maintain passing grades in both academics and citizenship during the semester grading period.

  • A three-week check will be maintained by each school to reflect the student's academic status from the beginning of the semester to the date of the grade check. To have uniformity in all CCSD schools, the three-week eligibility grade checks will be setup starting at the semester report card day and working back in three-week segments.

  • If a student is receiving a failing grade in any class at the three-week check, the student will be put on probation for one week.

    • On the Friday of the probationary week, if the failing grade still exists, that student is declared ineligible for a FULL one-week period (the following Monday through Saturday).

  • If a student receives a "U" in citizenship, the athlete will become ineligible after verification of a discipline referral and action by a school administrator. The athlete may be ineligible the following Monday through Saturday.

  • Student declared ineligible after probationary status will be checked weekly (every Friday) until they become eligible. When a student is declared eligible, he/she will be checked again at the regular three-week checking period.

  • A student who remains ineligible during an entire three-week grade check period is not entitled to another probationary period.

  • If a three-week grade check falls on the last day before any vacation, the suspension will go into effect the following school day. If a student is declared ineligible one or two weeks before a vacation, that individual remains ineligible until he/she no longer has a failing grade.

  • A student who withdraws/failing or a student who is excluded/failing at any time during the semester is ineligible the following Monday through Saturday. This one-time-per-class penalty should be administered as soon as the records are available.

  • A nine-week progress report will be be weighed no more than the three-week check. The exception will be that a student who was declared ineligible at the start of the semester for failing to maintain a 2.0 GPA will be declared eligible if he/she has gained a 2.0 GPA. These students' grades will be checked weekly. This student is on "Academic Probation" and can't receive an "F" on any grade check. If this occurs, he/she will be ineligible for the remainder of the semester. These athletes DO NOT get a week of probation.

  • A student who is below a 2.0 GPA at the end of a semester and remains below a 2.0 GPA at a nine-week progress check remains ineligible for the remainder of the semester.

  • Students who have been ineligible through the semester, but who have practiced with the permission of the principal/designee, may become eligible on the day when grades are officially due to the CCSD Information Systems. The date is set by the CCSD Athletic Office.

  • If a situation arises that involves a mistake by a teacher, a student will regain his/her eligibility immediately. The principal/designee will make this decision.


  • Ineligible students may practice with the permission of the principal/designee.

  • One credit properly earned in summer school or by correspondence may apply to fulfilling eligibility credit requirements. The credit and grade earned will be factored into the previous semester records. This may apply only once towards fulfilling NIAA regulations of earning two credits the previous or following semester. A grade for a correspondence will be factored when the official transcript is presented to the school of residence.

  • A student must have the approval of the athletic administrator in order to take more than two summer school classes or correspondence courses in order to improve his/her GPA for athletic eligibility. Summer school grades will be averaged into a student's immediate past spring or fall GPA in academics and citizenship.