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September 14th 

Please see this letter from Student Body 1st Vice President Dalten Silet.   A PDF version of the letter can be found here


Dear Wildcat Student Body,


WILDCATS! We have made it through the first two weeks of distance learning! It wasn’t the most ideal of circumstances, but I was ecstatic to see my fellow classmates and friends virtually. I realize that some of you are possibly struggling right now, but things will only get better from here! As students who follow “The Wildcat Way”, we need to be spreading positivity throughout each class, towards every teacher and to each other. For all of us to be successful and have an amazing school year we must come together as one school, community, and family to create a positive atmosphere. We will build each other up as we share motivation, inspiration, and encouragement towards each other. Let’s keep pushing together to keep up with our studies, and stay engaged in the virtual classroom so that we all will pave the way for a very bright future.


With best regards and safest wishes,


Dalten Silet

LVHS Student Body

 1st Vice President

September 14th 

Please see this letter from JROTC Battalion Commander Sydney McNulty.  PDF version of the letter can be found here. 

Good Morning to all students, teachers, and staff,


My name is Sydney McNulty and I am the Battalion Commander for the JROTC program 2020- 2021 school year. I have been a part of the JROTC program for all four years of high school.


I would like to start off by thanking my principal, Mr. Ron Guerzon for giving me the opportunity to speak on behalf of the JROTC program. Being a member of the JROTC program has been a journey but this year will surely be different. Due to all the circumstances we are under, I can only hope that our drill team will be able to compete in competitions sometime this year. With that being said, when we do get to compete JROTC will try our best to take home wins and prove to other schools that Las Vegas High School is capable of continuing their winning streak.


In addition, I would love for flag football to come back because last year I played JV and witnessed our varsity girls make it all the way to second place in the state flag football championship. I want athletics to return for the opportunity to play and help achieve the school’s first ever, first place state flag football championship for LVHS.


I hope we are able to proceed with a plan for all extracurricular activities, whether that is a sports season or club meetings. I know we will be able to keep up that Wildcat Spirit! I hope you all have been obtaining safety and staying home for the most part of this pandemic. I know that none of us expected to start school this way, but all we can do is maintain a positive attitude while adapting to online schooling and to be open and versatile to whatever is handed to us.


Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!



Sydney McNulty

2020,2021 Wildcat Battalion Commander JROTC

September 8th 


Please see this letter from Nicole Velez, Student Body 1st Vice President.    PDF version attached here.  

Dear Wildcat Student Body,


We made it through the first week!  I hope that as we each got a feel for what the school year is going to look like, we can be prepared to take on the rest of the semester with perseverance and intuition. However I will admit, that sounds a lot easier said than done!


Staring at my computer screen all day is not what I, or any of you I’m sure, envisioned any part of my high school experience to consist of. Regardless of that, I want to encourage each of you to take the initiative to be active. Sitting down all day truly is tiring! While making sure to follow Covid guidelines, I think it is still extremely important that we all find a sense of balance within our lives. Make plans with a limited amount of friends and family! Go for a run or even a walk when the workload becomes overwhelming because not only is balance important, but breaks are too! Another option is practicing/developing a new hobby where safety within our homes can be ensured. Trust me, if we take the necessary time to address our personal needs, we will feel better and the school year will have a better flow!


I do not doubt that even with our circumstances, we can all still be successful personally and academically if we dedicate ourselves to such improvement. If the first week of school was a complete wreck, that’s okay! We have every day to get better at accommodating to our new way of learning. I hope life is treating you all well and that the rest of the semester fills each of you with success and happiness.



With peace and love,


Nicole Velez

Student Body 1st Vice President

C/O 2021

LVHS Students and Parents,

Congratulations on a successful first week of school. 

Las Vegas High School’s Virtual Open House will take place as follows.

Date:         9/2/20, Wednesday
Time:        6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Location:     Virtually (Your student has been advised to provide you with the appropriate Google Meets Links. 

Please see the attached Virtual Open House Schedule that will be provided to your student)

Please watch the Open House Welcome Back Video
and complete the attached schedule in preparation for Open House.

Open House is your opportunity to meet our teachers and to learn more about the processes, procedures, routines, and expectations for each of their classes.

On the night of the Open House, if you miss a class period or teacher, all teachers will have open office hours from 7:20 PM - 7:30 PM.  This will be your opportunity to circle back to any teacher you want to revisit.

Additional information can be found on our weekly Parent Newsletter at the link below.

Thank you for supporting our students. We look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Open House.


Ron Guerzon
Las Vegas High School

Estudiantes y padres de LVHS,

Felicitaciones por una exitosa primera semana de clases.

La jornada de puertas abiertas virtual de Las Vegas High School se llevará a cabo de la siguiente manera.

Fecha: 2/9/20, miércoles
Hora: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Ubicación: Prácticamente (se le ha recomendado a su estudiante que le proporcione el Google Meets Links. Consulte el horario adjunto de la jornada de puertas abiertas virtual que se le proporcionará a su estudiante)

Por favor mire el video de bienvenida de Open House y completo el horario del estudiante adjunto como preparación para Open House.

Open House es su oportunidad para conocer a nuestros maestros y aprender más sobre los procesos, procedimientos, rutinas y expectativas para cada una de sus clases.

En la noche de la jornada de puertas abiertas, si pierde un período de clase o un maestro, todos los maestros tendrán un horario de oficina abierto de 7:20 p.m. a 7:30 p.m. Esta será su oportunidad de regresar a cualquier maestro que desee volver a visitar.

Se puede encontrar información adicional en nuestro boletín semanal para padres en el enlace a continuación.

Gracias por apoyar a nuestros estudiantes. Esperamos verte en la Casa Abierta Virtual.


Ron Guerzon
Las Vegas High School

Please see the message from Student Body President. Travis Farmer.  PDF Version attached here

Dear Wildcat Student Body,


Welcome back to the most unusual school year any of us could have ever expected. This year we are facing unique challenges and unprecedented circumstances as we begin with distance learning. Even though we may not be sitting together in classrooms, walking past each other in hallways, or meeting face to face on ball fields, I know we will all embrace this experience with the kind of fortitude that is indicative of our Wildcat Spirit!


For 115 years, Las Vegas High School has been the pioneer for education in Clark County. This school began its legacy in a tent that was set up for the 17 students of the 1904-1905 class. LVHS students have been housed at many locations over the years. Whether it be a tent, the 4th street location, the historic LVA Bridger location, our good old Sahara campus, or at our kitchen tables we will unify to show we are a generation that is resilient and unstoppable.


Competing in the Battle of Sunrise Mountain, playing the “REDV” game, Keeping Sir Herk “The Bone” home, or just figuring out how to stay signed in to Campus, we will all come out on the other side with the understanding that we are the valiant Red and Black. We will prevail and unite stronger with a healthier patience, an appreciation for our fellow students, and a newfound respect for our education and this particular time of our lives.


I am proud to represent each of you as your 2020-2021 Student Body President! Let’s have an AMAZING school year!


Travis Farmer LVHS Student Body President

Please see the message from Senior Class President. Fernando Carmona Jr.      PDF Version attached here

Welcome Back Seniors!


While this may not be the senior year that you expected, dreamed about or hoped for, this is still our senior year. This is the year for us to make those lasting memories we will share in the years to come. This is the year to push ourselves to be ready for the future, whatever it may hold. And, this is the year to show our school pride and share our traditions with the freshman class. So let’s not focus on what we are missing, but let’s find a way to make the best of the situation.


Think about what we are experiencing. We are living through a pandemic that will be written about and studied for years. At least we won’t have to learn about it! Through this experience we are all learning new skills, and practicing patience, resilience, and flexibility. We must remember that through adversity we will be stretched and we will grow.


Even though we can’t spend time in the quad or hang out in the cafeteria, or spend time at an assembly yelling LVHS together, we have great memories of those times. Hold on to those feelings, if we all have a positive mindset, and care of ourselves and others around us, we will be back making more memories in no time. Until we can all be together remember to be safe apart, Go Wildcats!


Remember Once a Wildcat Always a Wildcat!


Fernando Carmona, Jr. LVHS Senior Class President C/O 2021