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Las Vegas High School is on a 7-period schedule for the 2019-20 school year. All students are scheduled with 7 classes (except for some Seniors who may have less than seven). On a normal school day, students attend all their classes (see below) with two lunches scheduled near the middle of the day.




















LUNCH PERIODS – Lunch period assignments are based on the room location of a student's 5th period class. The room assignments for all lunch periods are as follows:


1st Lunch: all 200 classrooms, 300 classrooms, 500 classrooms, 600 classrooms and PE

2nd Lunch: all 400 classrooms, 800 classrooms, 900 classrooms & PAL



ASSEMBLY SCHEDULES – On occasion, Las Vegas High School will hold a school-wide assembly. Assemblies at LVHS are held at the end of school day (after all classes and lunch). Attendance at an assembly is optional. Students who choose not to attend an assembly must leave campus. They are not permitted to stay/wander in the main building during the assembly. Buses will arrive at their normal time to transport students home.


















HOMEROOM SCHEDULE – On occasion, Las Vegas High School will have a need to have students meet via their designated homeroom teacher. Some of these occasions include day 1 registration for both semesters and the distribution of progress reports. On these days, students report to their designated homeroom teacher at the start of the day and then proceed through an abbreviated class schedule.



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