Mrs. Amy Videau » Welcome to Psychology!

Welcome to Psychology!

I have been teaching Psychology at Las Vegas High School for 22 years. My husband and I met at LVHS and have two daughters.

I am passionate about Psychology and believe you will find this class to be relevant to your personal life on many levels, whether its finding a possible career path for your future or improving your relations with other people. Different from math, science, or English, Psychology draws from all of these concepts to help us learn more about our behavior and mental processes.

We cover such topics as Research Methods, Memory, Biology and our Behavior, Development, Thinking and Language, Learning, States of Consciousness, Social Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology. While you may not be interested in every topic, I guarantee at least ONE topic will grab your attention and you will love it!

It's important for you to show up physically and mentally every day. You will learn a new vocabulary related to the concepts we start talking about. Some topics will be easier than others but I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you learn this year.