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Welcome to Mr. Brennan's Math classes.
I Co-teach Algebra 1 with Ms. McCabe and teach Principles of Algebra. 
My links page contains videos that will help with the topics that we are covering in class. 
I am also available after school to help with any homework, studying for tests and quizzes or test/quiz re-takes. Please check with me first to make sure I am available on the day you would like to meet.

1st Period - PREP 
2nd Period - Principles of Algebra  Rm. 830 
3rd Period - Algebra 1                    Rm. 218
4th Period - PLC PREP
5th Period - Principles of Algebra   Rm. 830 
6th Period - Algebra 1                     Rm. 218 
7th Period - Algebra 1                     Rm. 218

Thank you,
Mr. Brennan