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Attendance Policy

An absence will be recorded when a student is absent one or more periods in a day. For example, if a student has eight (8) total absences recorded, this indicates that on (8) different days the student was absent one or more periods. Also, if the student is more than thirty (30) minutes late for any class, the student will be recorded as absent.

Absences not counted toward attendance enforcement and loss of credit:
  • A Required Parent Conference (RPC) pending
  • A student is on suspension
  • A student is participating in a school approved activity
  • Ten prearranged absences
  • Approved absences

LIMITATION OF ABSENCES: The Nevada Revised Statutes and the Clark County School District Regulations provide corrective steps and/or sanctions to be taken or applied when a student does not attend school.
  • Secondary students who exceed ten (10) unapproved absences in any course during the semester shall receive a failing semester grade, shall not earn semester credit for that course and may be retained in the current grade.
  • All prearranged absences in excess of ten (10) during a school year shall be considered unapproved. All prearranged absences for which the makeup work was not completed and submitted as specified by the teacher shall be considered unapproved.
  • Students who lose credits in three (3) or more classes will be referred to an alternative education program.

Excuses will be granted for the following reasons:
  • Student is physically or mentally unable to attend school.
  • Student is required to appear in court or a religious holiday.
  • Student has prearranged the absence through the attendance office prior to the absence. (Limited to a maximum of 10 days per year)
A parent/guardian may request a prearranged absence for a maximum of ten (10) school days for any reason. The following are the procedures to obtain a prearranged absence:
1. The parent must submit the request in writing five (5) day in advance of the absence to the attendance office.
2. The attendance office will provide the student with the prearranged absence forms.
3. The prearranged absence forms must be completed and returned to the attendance office prior to the absence.

Tardy sweeps will be randomly conducted. Any student caught in a tardy sweep without proper authorization will subject to discipline procedures through the deans’ office.

Written notices of the attendance record will be sent to the parent/guardian or the student’s recorded residence. Automated attendance mailer cards will be generated from the CCSD office. These notices will be sent after the third, fifth, eighth, and tenth absences each semester. Additionally, Las Vegas High School has an automated phone system that will call the student’s recorded home phone when the student is absent for two or more periods during the school day.